Theogonia Management is an all-encompassing band management, booking agency, and music marketing company led by Chrys Kyrkos and a dedicated team passionate about the metal music scene.

We offer comprehensive services, including artist representation, band development, tour booking, label services, and strategic marketing campaigns. From orchestrating social media engagement to coordinating tours, album launches, and merchandise collaborations, we handle every aspect of an artist’s career trajectory.

Backed by years of industry expertise and a global network, Theogonia Management is committed to empowering metal bands worldwide with tailored solutions for their unique needs.


Chrys Kyrkos stands as a seasoned figure in the heavy metal domain, recognized for his multifaceted expertise as a label owner, booking agent, marketing consultant, A&R specialist, and managerial luminary.

His extensive journey has seen him navigate the intricate landscape of the industry, collaborating with a diverse array of talent and steering projects towards success.

With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for emerging trends, Chrys continues to shape the course of heavy metal’s evolution, offering invaluable insights and strategic guidance to artists and bands alike.


Starting at €300

Audience Analysis: Comprehensive research to identify and understand your target audience.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Creation and implementation of tailored digital marketing campaigns across various channels.

Content Creation: Production of high-quality, engaging content and promotional materials.

Brand Positioning: Strategic development of your band’s or artist’s unique brand positioning and messaging.

Tour and Event Promotion: Coordination of promotional efforts to support tours, live performances, and special events.

Starting at €500

Musical Direction: Collaborative sessions to refine musical direction and enhance songwriting skills.

Image and Branding: Customized assistance in crafting a strong visual identity and branding strategy.

Publicity and Promotion: Strategic planning and execution of publicity and promotion campaigns.

Performance Skills Coaching: Personalized coaching and feedback to enhance live performance skills and stage presence.

Long-term Career Planning: Collaborative development of a roadmap for long-term career advancement.

Starting at €1000

Tour Planning and Logistics: Strategic planning of tour routes, venue selection, and scheduling, to optimize travel.

Venue and Vendor Coordination: Liaison with venue owners, promoters, and vendors to secure bookings and negotiate contracts.

Promotional Support: Collaboration with promoters, media outlets, and online platforms.

Fan Engagement Initiatives: Development and implementation of fan engagement initiatives.

Tour Documentation and Evaluation: Comprehensive documentation and evaluation of tour performance.

Starting at €200

Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification: Conducting comprehensive market research and analysis.

Career Roadmapping and Goal Setting: Collaborative development of long-term career roadmaps and goal-setting.

Business Planning and Financial Management: Assisting bands and artists in developing business plans & budgeting strategies.

Partnership and Collaboration Strategies: Identifying and pursuing strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation: Developing proactive crisis management strategies and risk mitigation plans.

Starting at €250

Label and A&R Introductions: Facilitation of introductions and connections with record labels and A&R representatives.

Festival and Showcase Bookings: Assistance in securing bookings and performance opportunities.

Endorsement and Sponsorship Opportunities: Identification and pursuit of endorsement and sponsorship opportunities.

Media and Press Connections: Introduction to media outlets, journalists, and influencers covering the heavy metal genre.

Professional Development Resources: Access to professional development resources, workshops, and educational opportunities.

Starting at €300

Branded Merchandise Design: Collaborative development of branded merchandise concepts, including apparel.

Product Selection and Procurement: Assistance in selecting the right mix of products for the band or artist’s merchandise lineup.

Online Store Setup and Management: Creation and management of customized online stores and e-commerce platforms.

Merchandise Marketing and Promotion: Development of strategic marketing campaigns and promotions.

Tour Merchandise Coordination: Coordination of merchandise sales at live performances and tours.



Introducing Our “Metal Chronicles” Biography Writing Service!

Hell-Forged Narratives: Our seasoned copywriters don battle armor and wield quills like enchanted swords.

Full Bio: From Abyss to Spotlight: We’ll craft a full-blown epic worthy of Odin’s approval.

Concise Inferno: But wait, there’s more! Our service includes a shorter summary — a lightning strike of metal essence.


Unleash Your Sonic Fury: “Theogonia EPK Creation

Sonic Grimoires in Word and PDF: Our skillful copywriters, clad in leather and ink-stained battle vests, will forge your Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

Metalhead-Approved Content: Our copywriters will craft your band’s biography, discography, and accolades with the reverence reserved for legendary guitar solos.

Ascend to the Mini-Site Pantheon: But wait, there’s an arcane upgrade! For those seeking to transcend mere mortal formats, we offer the forbidden ritual of mini-site conversion!


Introducing the monthly “Social Content Plan” for Metal Bands!

Daily Mayhem: We don’t mess around. Our seasoned digital warriors will craft a day-by-day posting strategy that’ll make your fans scream for an encore.

Metal-Infused Creativity: Forget cookie-cutter content. We’ll brew a cauldron of dark, twisted, and skull-crushing posts that resonate with your metal tribe.

Amplify Your Roar: We’re not here to whisper—we’re here to shatter eardrums! Our plan includes targeted ads, fan engagement tactics, and viral campaigns

Starting at €50

Our Metal Mind Mentorship starts with a 30-minute infernal communion with our seasoned founder, Chrys!

Unleash the Demons: In this unholy call, we’ll delve into the abyss of your band’s digital desires.

Shred the Veil: Forget the mundane mortal chatter. We’ll tear through the veil of confusion and reveal the forbidden scrolls.

Rise from the Ashes: Our mentorship isn’t just talk; it’s alchemy in action. Expect actionable strategies, wicked growth hacks, and backstage passes to the digital underworld!

Starting at €50

Are your ad images as sharp as a double-edged battle axe? Fear not!

Infernal Artistry: Our designs aren’t born; they’re summoned from the abyss. We’ve danced with the devil’s pixels, and our layouts are battle-tested.

Cost-Per-Crushing Magic: We’ve dissected ad campaigns like sacrificial goats. Our layouts aren’t guesswork; they’re forged from real-world results—the kind that’s soaked in ad spend blood.

Stockpile of Power: Our arsenal includes a library of over a million Stock Images—each pixel infused with ancient riffs and lightning bolts. Whether you need fiery dragons or skull-wielding guitarists, we’ve got you covered.

Starting at €50

Are your ad words as potent as a thunderous guitar riff? Fear not! Our copywriting for ads service is here to summon lyrical magic for your band’s ads.

Shred the Mundane: Our copy isn’t mere text; it’s a battle hymn. We’ll forge headlines that pierce like a serrated blade, descriptions that resonate like a bass drop, and calls to action that ignite mosh pits of clicks.

Amplify the Aura: Forget generic jargon. We’ll infuse your product info with mythical allure. Whether it’s guitars or merch, our words will weave a saga that beckons fans like sirens at sea.

Unleash the Frenzy.: Our promotional texts aren’t whispers; they’re battle cries. Expect fiery metaphors, lightning-fast verbs, and more!